NDC is a services and goods company dedicated to create high quality graphics and apparel inspired by nature. All our work is proudly designed here in the borderlands of South Texas, Rio Grande Valley. We hope you enjoy our story told through our products.

Design Services



Noctua Design Co. is an award-winning design company with multiple awards and publications of our top-rated logo designs. When it comes to great quality logos our priority is in helping our partners build long-lasting brands that can visually communicate their company stories and have a greater impact on the human connection with those they service and provide great quality products to.

Product &

Illustration Design

Here at NDC, we take pride in product design. After all, we are a goods and services company that has been creating our own products in-house since the start! Our specialty has always been creating graphics and illustrations. Whether you need graphics on products or illustrations of the products themselves, we can make it happen.


Visual & Brand Identity

We are beasts at not only visual and brand identities but also building visually responsive design systems created to help small or large companies navigate through the challenges they face. We help illustrate stories and impactful narratives that help retain customer connection. Through storytelling, we help you manage your brand's voice.



Creating all the good stuff is great, but having a guide for using your creative assets is crucial for success. We create Style Guides so that you feel confident in best telling your brand story. It will help you navigate and manage your new brand assets. Whether it's product design, advertising, or business cards, a style guide will help your brand be uniform throughout multiple platforms, digital or physical.



We know all too well what it takes to make something stand in a sea full of products. Package design has been a part of our creative process from the beginning. Providing for brands that are ready to take on the shelves, we help their products stand out. Through our rapid prototype process, we continue to renew the way we view product design.



We are now providing brand and product advertisements. We know the value of sending the right signals to your target demographic. After all, more traffic moving through is good for business and helps us create an impactful customer connection. Whether it's promotional posts, illustrations, or social media posts of new product drops, we can help facilitate traction on your platforms to help shine a brighter light on your brand goods and services.