Mesquite Magic

Mesquite Coffee is harvested and roasted in the Rio Grande Valley. It's made from organic golden Texan honey mesquite bean pods. Hand-picked and ethically sourced to provide the best quality coffee flavors found in Texas.

The natural fructose in the bean pods will give you a subtle uplifting sensation. Much like traditional coffee, but without the caffeine. It is roasted to perfection so that one can experience a great cup of medium roast coffee. Experience an electrifying cup of coffee as you enjoy its sweet nutty, and earthy notes.


Due to it's ability to provide life-sustaining resources during harsh times. The Texas Honey Mesquite Tree was referred to by the indigenous peoples of America as the "Tree of Life"

Native tribes would gather clusters of these golden pods and consume them as a healthy enhancement resource. Making flour, jelly, resin for poetry, and much more.

During harsh droughts not only did they survive off of this tree, but it also helped keep their livestock alive. It is a forgotten super food no more with our Mesquite Coffee. It also comes with a plethora of health boosting benefits.


The Mesquite Story

Three years ago, I embarked on a mission to craft the ultimate coffee alternative that truly captured the wonderful experience that is tasting coffee. It all began amidst the Texas freeze of 2021. After being locked down for a little over a week, I developed a gnarly illness. I experienced all kinds of crazy symptoms, like depth perception issues and a spinning sensation that affected my everyday life. My health had suddenly fallen in a downward spiral, and I could not understand why. What followed were months of doctor visits both in Texas and Mexico that left me with more questions than answers.

It wasn’t until five months after that I was finally diagnosed with an Otolithic Vestibular Dysfunction. Yeah what a crazy name! Pretty much it has to do with my brain, eyes, and inner ear not communicating correctly. I underwent rigorous physical therapy for more than a year. This diagnosis not only robbed me of my ability to work, drive, and be creative, or even live a typical life, but also deprived me of drinking coffee due to caffeine being a trigger to my symptoms. Something I grew up with and that held great significance in my life, was now something I could no longer enjoy. As a barista, the news of giving up coffee forever was nearly as crushing as my OVD diagnosis.

 This was a huge blow to me, but Ive never let anything hold me back from my dreams and this was no different. So one persistent thought kept popping into my head: how much I missed coffee! And so, I took one of the hardest times of my life and turned it into an opportunity to create something new. I set off on a journey of exploration. I tried it all: coffee made from mushrooms, pomegranate, spices, soy, you name it. Some mushrooms were stimulating and triggered me, some spices hurt my stomach, and don't get me started on soy coffee! It all looked like dirty powdered water to me. Nothing looked or tasted like the real stuff.

Little did I know the solution to my problem was literally growing in my backyard here'n Los Fresnos Texas. After undergoing research for two years, trial and errors though two seasons of roasting I finally did it! I not only made my dream of one day merging my love for coffee and design come true, but I made the best coffee alternative! I began harvesting, and roasting mesquite bean pods, that sweet yellow stuff that hangs off of mesquite trees, it tastes so good, natures candy! Last year in 2023 we launched this passion project and it was huge success with all our coffee selling out in one month! This year we are going bigger. We are working hard to make this seasonal tradition a year round experience. I hope y'all enjoy this new coffee experience just as much as I have.

Never stop chasing your dreams, even when it seems impossible, onward!

- Juan Almaguer | Founder & CEO